The most important and extensive collection that allows us to trace the path from Norma Jean, through the vast star was Marilyn Monroe to its terrible end

Fantastic Voyage

Composed by more than 100 pieces, this collection gathers objects, changing room and masks of impactantes films inside the world of  fantasy, fiction and fear.

Dreams Factory

The more than 200 original objects that compose this collection belong to films that have left footprint in the history of the cinema.

The glamour of Hollywood

Collection  of personal  objects  that have belonged to the most emblematic stars  of the classical Hollywood, and that will allow to the visitor know details on the private life of these artists.

Contract Maite Minguez Ricart collection

Find below the most varied objects, dresses, masks, papers, votes or cameras film history, to hire and use in exhibitions, museums, shows or movies. Contact us so that you show in detail any of the collections Maite Minguez Ricart.


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